Another adventure before leaving home…

I asked for a sleigh ride for Christmas…sounds like a funny present, right? Well, it’s more of the “experiences” that I cherish than so much the “things” to hold onto. At first, we thought we were going to miss out. It hadn’t snowed in several days and the left over snow had begun to melt. 35 degrees tends to do that here in northern Michigan. The night for our scheduled ride came and the Abraham’s Tennessee Walking Horse Stables called and had to cancel our ride…but they offered a carriage ride for the next morning. We agreed…then when we arrived at 8 a.m. the next morning we were surprised with two black horses, already harnessed, and an offer of a ride in a black “Santa sleigh,” complete with garland, bows, lights, and red velvet seats. Oh glorious! What a snowy, cheery, and cold adventure we would have! The ride was an hour long…with jingle bells the whole way. Let’s just say my face was frozen in a smile…

Our tour guide was great…she’s been doing this with her family for 18 years.

The velvet seats…a blur with the snow and speed of the sleigh.

Dad and I…after we got off the ride. We were bundled up for the journey, as you can tell.

Mom and I, with rosy cheeks and the frozen smiles I mentioned. 

A little bit of our ride…

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Please lift it up…traveling

I leave on December 1st at 6:02 a.m. from the Grand Rapids, MI airport. Please remember me while I’m traveling…it’s going to be a long trip. I won’t be in T country until December 3rd at midnight…that would be noon on Tuesday for everyone here in the States. Please remember the flight staff, traffic, weather, and those whom I will run into on my trip…whomever the Father may want me to meet. Blessings!

What I’ve Been Doing…

While here at home, my sister Kelly was able to come visit with her four children. Johnathan, 9, Jessica, 5, Dakota, 3, and Braden, 8 months. It was a blast…and there was never a dull moment…or a quiet moment for that matter! 🙂 We were able to visit for a little over a week and celebrate an early Thanksgiving…and boy did we have plenty to be thankful for…a house full of laughs, gigles, screams, and of course…food. With Mom, Dad, Grandma, Ralph, and myself, there was a total of 10 people wandering around the house. What a joyful holiday! Enjoy these pics…


My first plate of turkey and all the fixing’s! 

The famous cat, Jake, getting a good scratch from his mom before she leaves…

Me and Kelly…at McDonald’s no less. 🙂 

Jessica…she’s such a doll! All bundled and ready to go to MickeyD’s. 

I’m not quite sure why Dakota had this face on…I think it was his angry/frustrated/I’m about to throw a fit face. 

Braden! He’s so cute in his coat…he looks like a sheep!!!

And finally, a family portrait by the tree. It came complete with Jake the cat! It actually turned out pretty well considering this was probably, let’s see, the 15th attempt. 🙂 

The Sheep’s First Post

Well, it’s finally here! For those of you who have been so patiently, or impatiently, waiting for this…today is your day! I am so excited to have this up and running…so excited I barely know what to say…now that I have the space to write what I want…I don’t know what to do with myself! 

I suppose a location update would be in order. I am still in Cadillac, Michigan, that is until December 1. My flight leaves at 6 a.m. on this coming Monday. Will I actually be awake at that time? Probably not, but the important thing is that I make it on the plane, passport in hand, head attached, and not too many tears to accompany me. That is the goal. 

Remember that the week of prayer for M’s is November 30th through December 7th. Please remember to lift them up as often as you think of it.

Blessings to you all!