A Note of Thanks…

Thank you…all of you who have been so faithfully lifting me up. I’d be truly lost without you. 

Thank you for remembering me, and thinking of someone besides yourself…that takes a big person…as I’m learning myself. When times are hard, it is difficult to put someone before yourself. Sound familiar? Sound like someone we know of in the Word? Putting humanity before His very life…now that is love…

Thank you for being my friend, encouraging me with words, small notes, or even just a funny link to a sneezing panda (you know who you are). 🙂 I appreciate every thought you’ve given, every gesture of kindness, and every dear word you’ve spoken.


I’m about to head out on a long journey, leaving my home here for over a month. Please lift up my safety on this “around the world” trip…literally! I’ll keep you posted! 

Blessings to you all!

“Just as I am, just as I was, just as I will be He loves He does. He showed me the day that He shed His own blood…He loves me oh He loves He does.” Andrew Peterson