“Go to Pai and do…lots”

Well, usually that saying is known as “Go to Pai and do nothing.” It’s a small tourist spot in a valley in Norther Thailand. You go, you relax, you eat, you sleep, you eat, you sleep, you eat…and so on.

This weekend I went with a group from Baan Kanoon, the English center we have here in town, where I’ve been teaching a class. My accountability partner and friend is the wife of the couple that run this center. So…20 of us total went on to Pai…but we certainly did more than “nothing.” 🙂

762 curves, some stalled cars, laughter, and some sleep later…we made it to the beautiful Pai. It was laid back, pretty quiet, and lovely. We all agreed…we’d like to go back again sometime.


On the way, some got a little drowsy…


Pit-stop for pictures…


The cabin I stayed in…



Rob and Jordan (the couple running Baan Kanoon)


Sun reflecting off the water onto the ceiling…


The whole gang…


Fun man-powered carousel…





Pai Canyon…



Khwaai (water-buffalo) getting cooled off by the mountain stream and it’s owner…


Clay wall at the Chinese village we visited…


Sunday morning we had house church…wonderful! It was amazing…and so exciting…while they read in Thai, I followed along in English…and I could actually keep up…so encouraging! And…it means I could really learn a lot by doing just that…makes me want to go to a Thai church somewhere here in town even more.

Had some great fellowship with Jordan (my “farang” friend) and also the other girls on the trip. I think I learned a little Thai along the way too…and it was just an awesome time to get to know the student’s more, learn a little more Thai culture, and praise the Father in the process.

Blessings on your day!

Just A Sip…

Ok…so in order to keep my blog “going”…I figured I would wet your appetite with a sip of what is to come in the next blog.

The last two weeks… 1) writer from Richmond came to town and we interviewed folks in my city about their ministry here…2) went up the main mountain in the city to witness wan prae (…a Buddhist holiday) and tons of rituals and the like…3) flew to Bangkok to work with the prison ministry…4) stayed at the half-way house and met some AMAZING folks (all had been in prison for either drugs, murder, robbery, something like that and found their way to the House of Blessing…and all are now Believers!)…5) got to go to a woman’s prison and then a man’s prison (humorous note for fun…I forgot my passport that day!!!! more on that story to come!)…6) flew to Isaan and Khon Kaen to see some mobile medical clinic work done (amazing Thai team of Believer’s who shared their Faith like nothing I’ve ever seen…they were persistent, knew their stuff, and made sure every person passing through “heard”…7) exhausted (made our way back to Bangkok and the hotel…eventhough we didn’t have the address to give to the non-English speaking taxi driver)…more to come on that one too…8) drove to Bangkla and got to see a cool craft ministry with local women (well…really women all across Thailand) but I got to meet with those in the area…9) flew home to my city…hallelujah!

I promise…I have pictures on the way. I’m also working on several other projects right now (one’s from the past) and then the 4 stories we covered here in Thailand. So, pictures are coming…they might just be a little slow. Be patient. 🙂

New boss is in town (looking forward to getting to know her and her husband). The Scott family (my family here) just got a new puppy…a yorkie. The name is either going to be Essie or Zoey. Teach my second class of English tomorrow at Baan Kanoon…hoping it goes well and all three of my students show up again. Also the second meeting with accountability partner in the morning…looking forward to it. I’ve been trying to practice Thai more and more…being consistent each night to study a few more letters of their alphabet…whew. Oh oh oh…keep my new friend P’Iang in mind…eventhough we can’t communicate that well, I really pray that I can be a support to her and a good friend. Does communication really matter that much in a friendship? 🙂 hehe

Blessings on your day!