The Days That Pass…

Hmmm…a month? Already? And no notice from me. I’m sure those of you “regularly” follow this are thinking…”ok…Neisha…seriously…what could possibly be taking up your time that you cannot sit down and write to us?”

🙂 I have no excuses. 🙂

What have I been up to? Lots! Lots of good things…lots of work…lots of fun…lots of learning…lots of stress too…lots and lots and lots.

This month I’m working on two videos (well actually more than two…but two shooting/recording times). One is for Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. An MK video where the MK’s thank the kiddos in America that pray and support them and their families. It’s been fun so far…I’ve had freedom to write and direct and produce all by myself…so that’s been nice…but also scary. I’m not a videographer. I’ve only done ONE video my entire life…so to get this assignment, with a strict deadline…a little intimidating to say the least. Next week I also begin doing something new with video, and that is to record testimonies of some of our workers from East Asia. So, I’ll be using new equipment, lights, and then editing those into 3 or 4 short videos. Whew. I never thought I’d get this much experience in the video world. I guess all those talks my professor Mr. Veneman gave us in class are proving true. He always said that one day we’d cross over and be “multi-lingual” in the media world. 🙂 It’s true. I’m not so sure of what I think of it so far…but hey…”learning a new language” is always a benefit in my book.

Speaking of language…things are going…slllllllow. I’ve hit another plateau. I still love the language dearly, and want to learn more and more so I can share my faith, but it’s been rough lately. I feel as though I’ve not learned much of anything and each class I have with Khruu Panida…I’m just so drained and tired, and frankly grumpy, that I just don’t feel up to “learning.” But…life goes on. I’m sure there will be a hill and maybe a valley in my Thai future.

My dear friends P’Gade and P’Thum have been with me through thick and thin. I’m so grateful for them…great friends…believers in a place that it’s so hard to hear and know of God’s love. It’s quite amazing. They’ve heard me complain and gripe and whine and have good days too…and stuck with me through it all. 🙂

Looks like…hmm…about 5 months left in this place. Wow. Part of me hates to think of leaving. Part of me struggles with what I am to do next. Part of me can’t wait to get to my family and go to Wal-Mart. 🙂 HA…I know…pathetic. But I do miss it. (or not really…Wal-Mart…but just things that remind me of “home” and “America”)

That’s all for now…

Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts and your encouragement!