What to Write…?

That is the question…

I realized tonight, while my mind was wandering in a youth group meeting (it was in Thai…so I don’t feel so bad that my mind was wandering)…that I have not written in a LONG time. I thought it had been about 4 weeks…but now looking at the blog itself…it has indeed been longer than that. The answer/excuse…depending on how you look at it…is my computer.

It is true…if you set a laptop on a small table, have dinner and an open water bottle on the table as well, and you get up from your seat and hit the table with your hip along the way, the bottle will topple over, and it will spill onto the keyboard and into the computer…and it will in fact, cause your computer to short out, shut down, and not turn on again. In which case…one might take it to the Mac Store, be told it might cost you $600 to fix, and then continue to wait 3 weeks for it to be fixed…but luckily only costing about $40…but then have to return to that same Mac Store (let’s see…) about 7 times (literally) to finally get your laptop back…still with problems…and not having a working wireless access or email program. So…lesson learned? Don’t have any kind of food or water near your laptop at any time…I don’t care how careful you are or how often you do and have no problems…just don’t do it. Oy.

Now I’m in the south of Thailand…near Phuket with a family I met last year at MK summer camp…spent today with a team (Thai) from Bangkok and we went out to a nearby village sharing the Gospel. Very amazing. Very hot…but amazing. Then this evening was the youth group…only about 10 or so showed up…but still a good evening. Tomorrow we’ll do a children’s camp with the Thai team and then I head out in the afternoon to return back to Chiang Mai. The family here…they’re quite hilarious. I have to say only nice things on here about them (because the mommy reads this sometimes) hahaha. No but really…they are great. The mom…she’s a bit scatter-brained, super energetic, and simply makes me laugh. The dad is pretty calm and collected…and handles his family so well. The two kids still at home are adorable…the youngest has the bluest eyes and smiles like a million bucks. The daughter, 14 now, is a cutie…and pure servant heart. Such a sweet fam. They’ve been great letting me stay, feeding me, and even letting me crowd the couch to watch American Idol from the internet. 🙂

Pictures soon to come of this little adventure…it was a rush project that the WMU needed…so I’ll get the pics edited soon and put up a few. Even got to do some family portraits this afternoon with the fam. Good times. And…the mom likes photography so (hopefully) I’ve gotten to teach her a few things about it along the way. She’s been a great listener and I’ve gotten to process some things with her lately. Good trade. 🙂