“New Look, Same Great Quality”…

Well, or so they say. Dad made a new template for this little old blog…and I kinda like it. 🙂 Thanks Pops!

New blog look, new projects to edit and work on, new world headed my way. This week it seems like I’ll be heading back to America near the end of August. (I say “this week” because I’ve gotten used to not making any kind of stone hard plans…so next week it could be entirely different…and that’s ok). The end of August…that leaves about two months left…two full months. Got lots of projects coming down the pipe, a camp for MK’s in July, and a week long conference to follow that, both of which I am to be interviewing folks and taking pics to make an LMCO thank you video for during the last two weeks of July. Whew. The awesome news? I’ve been asked to sing with the worship team for our yearly conference. So excited! Thanks God!

My last two weeks have been filled with (well, are you ready for the gory details?) puppy licks, nibbles, smelly chicken food, a new leash, squeaky toys, puppy poo, and piddles. 🙂 All for the low low price of 1,500 baht…that’s about 40 bucks. In exchange, I got an adorable little Shih Tzu pup who’s name is Burin (that’s a famous Thai singer here, he sings in the band Groove Riders…I learned one of their love songs and have sung it at two Thai weddings)…and the name means “king of the city.” My little pup. He’s my baby. 🙂

The last two weeks have also been filled with ideas of returning back to America. Honestly? I’m a bit frightened. You know, sure I’ve only lived here for two years…but in two years…a lot can happen. You adjust, adapt, become part of the culture you live in. You learn the language, you fall in love with the culture, the people, the food. 🙂 I’m a bit afraid of what I will think of America when I get back. I know it will be quite a ride on the reverse culture shock monster…and I’m praying He will be my seatbelt and constant. It will be difficult for friends and family as well, because where I have been changing and growing in Thailand without them, they have been changing and growing in America without me. And we both have not seen each other through that gradual process, as we would if we lived in the same country. No…this way is drastic. No gradual-inity in this transition. Get ready Neisha.

Can you sense I’m a little tense? 🙂

Well, if it comes to mind…lift up a little prayer for me, my family, and my friends. As well as those I will be leaving behind here. I will miss them dearly.