50 Things, 5 to Start…

Nearing the end…less than a month left in this place God has put me. (silent pause)…

Emotions and thoughts and feelings…they are trying to figure themselves out. I think they’re having a hard time.

It’s like I’m a person cut into two parts…one half is so excited to return home, hug my mom’s neck, pet my cat, go to Taco Bell, make a shopping run to Target. The other half is desperately trying to grab onto all things I love here, and even the things I don’t.

Learning to cook Thai food so I can have a taste of this place, buying a few little things that remind me of Thailand, spending lots of time with friends and having some great conversations.

My days are currently consisting of editing previous trips, finalizing some slideshows, writing a story to go with a video from India, waiting on a response from Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas, planning my itinerary to America (looks like maybe the 24th I’ll be headed out), selling my furniture, having a few dresses specially made, enjoying the rain as it cools the temps here, and preparing my pup for travel.

The differences in culture and life is hitting me hard…I keep seeing all the differences in Thai culture and American culture, where as before, Thai culture became the norm. I thought it would be interesting to share 50 things that pop in my mind that I cannot find in America (special to Thailand)…maybe when I’m back in America I’ll do the reverse and do a list of 50 things you cannot find in Thailand…

Here goes…

1) Markets (open all day long…and sometimes into the night) filled with fruit, fresh meat, fish, clothing, plastic goods, shoes, anything you could possibly imagine or want at a minimal cost…(better than Wal-Mart for prices…but much more unpleasant for the nose)

2) Coffee shops (on every corner) we’re not talking about Starbucks here, I mean yummy lovely and cute little shops with delicious Chaa Yen (Thai Iced Tea) and awesome atmospheres, not to mention the company that goes with you into these little shops

3) Elephants on the street (usually at night) you can see them walking down the highway or side street with their owner, looking for money and food…and as you might imagine, they draw attention, especially for the tourists

4) Mountains surrounding a huge valley (completely surrounded by mountains) this place does hold in the smog and rain and smoke from burning fields, but let me say, the sunrise is absolutely breathtaking coming up over the mountains and pouring out onto this place called home

5) Tuk-Tuks and Rot Deengs (the easiest and cheapest form of transportation) these three wheeled and covered motorbikes called tuk-tuks are awesome, but mostly for tourists, then there’s the local (and way cheaper) truck called a rot deeng or song taew for the locals, it’s a truck with a covered back and two rows of seating (awesome)

That’s all for now…more to come.

Please remember me, my friends that don’t know Him yet, and my time here as it comes to a close.