50 things…7 days

That’s only one week left. Not that I’m counting, but there’s something about having a plane ticket in hand, that just makes it easier to count down. Not that I even want to…my parent’s are already though. Ha! They asked what I wanted to eat first…and after two years, waiting for American food, yumminess…guess what I picked? Taco Bell. 🙂 Some of you may be disgusted, but some of you may understand completely my desire.

26) P’Nira…(my sweet older sister here who I met the 4th or 5th day I was here at a special Christmas time market) she recognized me the next time I saw her at her shop near where the market was held, but I didn’t recognize her. That same situation happened to me numerous times in Thailand, a Thai person would be like, “HI! How are you Neisha? Haven’t seen you in a while.” And I would not know who this person was, thought I’d never met them before. I’m getting better at that now. But…anyways…America has no P’Nira.

27) Khuay Tiaw Soi 1…(the best yummiest khuay tiaw place around…in my opinion) it’s spicy pork soup with peanuts and veggies…delicious. 30 baht.

28) Motorcys…(there are so many, and so easy to drive, and and and fun) sure America has motorcycles, but they don’t have the motorcys of Thailand…smaller, cheaper, slower little bikes (more like scooters) that are so fun and prevalent here.

29) Karaoke…(ok, so I’ve never actually been (A HUGE SHAME I KNOW) but I’ve heard it’s fun) and I’m going for my first time with friends on my last friday in Thailand.

30) Kad Suan Kaew…(an older mall with tons of quirky little off-name shops and cheap clothes, shoes, yummy food, etc etc) there’s just not a mall like this in America. I do love the hi-so malls of America, to be sure, but there’s still somethings special about “my mall,” the one I can see out my window. The one I saw a shining “Pizza Company” sign on the first night here. The one that tempted me every time with puppies for sale. The one that I went grocery shopping at when I had no transportation.

All for now…


50 things…and 12 days…

18) Mo’c Mo’l…(better known among us all as Mo’s coffee because we hardly ever go to the restaurant part, but rather to the coffee shop part) a magical coffee place, with big lights, a band, good chaa yen, a pond with a bridge. It’s really indescribable.

19) Late night airport runs…(our airport is basically…amazing) it’s close to the city, and the city is not very big anyways, so we can always go and do midnight runs to the airport to pick up or drop off a friend. So many many memories in the airport.

20) Sticky rice…(yeah…chewy yummy warm goodness) rice that is “sticky” as in it sticks together and you use your hands to eat it. Great to dip in spicy sauce and go with yummy chicken.

21) My friends…(yes, I have friends in America too, but they are not the same friends I have here) I will miss them dearly. All my Thai friends, and farang (foreigner) friends have made my time here so memorable. Without them, I very well could have found myself very quickly back in America, without finishing my two year term here.

22) Starbucks…(haha, I know it’s in America too) there’s just something about Starbucks, it’s the same every country you are in, which for some could seem boring, but let me tell you, when you have one of those “I miss America like peanut butter misses jelly” kind of days, you need to go to something familiar. 🙂

23) Jewelry…(the little stores in markets or along the road are so cheap and fun) easy to buy and fun to accessorize your wardrobe, jewelry hand made and otherwise is so fun here.

24) Cockroaches…(I think I made this list with the intention of listing 50 things that I can’t find in America, but that doesn’t mean things I only like about Thailand) this little bug (or usually rather large bug here) is not my friend. I’m still freaked out by them, eventhough they are pretty much every place that you go to, at your condo building, at the mall, at the tailor shop, the nail salon, the friends store, the restaurant…you name it…these pesky guys are there. Eww…

25) 7-Eleven bill payment plan…(yep, any 7 allows you to bring in your phone and internet and electricity and other bills and pay them with cash) totally awesome way of doing bill payment, especially since there are usually at least three branches of 7-Eleven on each street.

And the 12? That means…only 12 little days left here. 🙁

Please keep me in your thoughts…the 24th Thailand time, around 5pm I will be leaving my current home. Please pray for safe travels, not too many tears, and secure luggage. 🙂


50 things…

11) Rains that bring the cool…(In America, I never liked rainy days. I guess it’s because I get a bit depressed with the gray skies and no sunshine) here the rains bring the cool. I relish in the rainy days. The cloud covering (although I still love the sunshine) brings with it a peace and a still that only rainy season brings here. The hot season (which is nearly all the time really) is brought to a screeching halt when the rains come…and oh how swee they are.

12) Constant scales…(scales as in “fat scales”…in the form of people) everyone here, well mostly the women, will instantly tell you your weight. Whether you’ve gained weight or lost weight, you will be told, in a matter of minutes, which way it is on the “scale.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “Oh you have a pouch.” Or “You lost weight.” I mean, I always like the second phrase, but the first one is still taking time to get used to, even though it’s always true, it’s still hard. But I’m getting to the point where I can laugh it off, because it doesn’t mean the same thing here as it does to Americans in America.

13) Awesomest Cell Phone structure…(Thailand has it down…) no lengthy contracts and outrageous monthly bills here. Thailand knows how to work the cell phone. You buy a phone, a SIM card, and you can do a month by month plan or buy minutes for your phone whenever you’d like. It is so much cheaper and smarter. I love it.

14) Massage…(ladies and gentleman, come here for this wonder of wonders) Thailand must be the master of massage…really it feels great, good stretching, getting all those knots out that no one can reach, and it is on average about $5 for an HOUR! A whole hour! In America, it is definitely about 20 times that price and not nearly as good.

15) Guards…(every business, home, or condo building has them) a guard to watch your home, a guard to watch the people parking in your parking lot, a guard to guide the traffic from the entrance/exit to your business. It’s cool…it gives them a job, and adds a bit more protection (I’m not sure from what…because there isn’t much crime here) and helps with traffic. So great.

16) Hard wood/tile floors…(there’s really not many places here with carpet) granted it’s nice to have a cushy rug or carpet to lay on and watch tv at night, but it’s great to have easy to clean floors at home, in restaurants, and every store. A broom and mop is all you need.

17) Smiles…(there’s not much more to say about that)…but really, Thailand is the land of smiles. It’s lovely…and when you’re having a bad day, nothing can really  make it better like a nice and warm and friendly smile. So lovely.

All for today.


50 things…continued

Here’s a few more…

6) Awesome Thai Food…(so in America, I know they have Thai food but…) Krapaw Kai (chicken with basil) Kuay Tiaw (chicken soup) Pad Phak Ruam (stir fried vegetables) Khaaw Niaw Kai Thawd (sticky rice and fried chicken) I mean….it’s stinkin good food…and unfortunately, it’s just not the same in America…and way more expensive to boot.

7) Driving on the left side of the road…(although it took me a little while to get used to it) it’s so fun! The traffic is bad sometimes and the things drivers do here would just send American drivers to the moon, but really I feel like I’m a better driver here than in America. Ok maybe not better (because there are no rules here) but a more “skilled” driver. I have pulled through tighter spots than I could have even imagined in America, without a scratch. HA!

8) Thai Church…(amazing to sit and worship the same Father in a different language) wow…I’m amazed each time I go to church here. Really. It knocks me off my feet. Yesterday we had the Lord’s Supper and I was just reminded of His great love, that He chose me, and my Thai friends next to me.

9) Wat’s so intricately decorated…(they are beautiful and big and golden) last night I went and saw the biggest wat (temple) and pagoda (another part of the temple) in the city…it was huge…the pagoda has been broken by lightening years back, and now is only the brick insides (since the golden exterior has worn away after so many years).

10) Walking Street…(super cool, large, fun, and crowded market on Sunday nights) went there last night for maybe the last time before I leave. I went early, to beat the crowds, but the crowds still came as the sun began to set. It’s awesome. So many little stands, hand made things, t-shirts, food, and all of it is just free to sell there. In America we have cool flea-markets, but it’s just not the same, plus you have to pay to sell at the market, here you just find your place, set up shop, and make money. So fun.

That’s it for today…