So, so long…

It’s true. I almost forgot my password to log into my blog. That is just sad.

Here it is…close to midnight I guess. And I’m…I…I can’t sleep. Sure, it’s probably from the two cups of coffee I had earlier with my two pieces of chocolate cake and confetti icing…but hey…that’s alright. It’s worth it.

I’ve neglected writing. Why? No reason, no excuse. But really, who’s reading this anyway? No one probably…since I’ve not written in over 3 months. Pathetic.

I’ve gotta say…life’s been hard. Not that it’s not hard all the time, but it’s been especially hard the last 4 months or so. Broken hearts, plans shattered, cold winters, gray days, fights with family, no hope. Rough.

Looking back, from a perspective in better days, I can honestly say I was in a valley. A low low valley.

There’s only one reason I’m out now.






Ok, so that’s more than one reason…but it all stems from One. The Only One. I’m thankful today…it’s raining outside and as the water brings life and freshness to the ground here in Birmingham…so the Lord refreshes me daily. I’ve had hard times, I’ve failed Him. I’ve lost my way…haven’t we all at some point. But praise be to God…I have God…God in my life. Praise Him for His continual love and mercy and comforting hands, that take my hand and tell me without any words, “It’s gonna be ok. I’ve planned every day and every step for you and I know what’s next.”

Comfort. And fear at the same time, I say aloud, “And fear”…because I feel it, even in the comfort…if that makes any sense at all.

Looking forward (sigh) to better and better and newer and grander and wonderful-er days. Because the best is yet to come (as Michael Buble sings) and my God’s a big God who hasn’t abandoned me, who hasn’t forgotten, and wants to bless me as His obedient child. So here I come.

It’s a new day.