365 days or a thousand tears, 125 new experiences, 736 times I forgot an English word…

It’s been one year since I’ve returned to the US of A. Even now sitting here, thinking of how to “capture” this moment, I’m a bit dumbfounded. It honestly doesn’t feel as though it’s been a full year, but rather 3 or 4 months.

SO much has happened, changed, transferred, stopped and started in this past year. It’s hard to remember it all…my life has changed, that’s for sure, more than just my “home” changing.

The most important lessons learned? Forgiveness. Trust in the Father. Accepting and understanding His protection. Strength in today. Loving the people where God has me. Holding on to memories but not dwelling in the past. Fighting to remember a language. Seeking His will in each moment. Retracing steps to keep on the right path.

It’s been a full 365 days.

I’ve readjusted to American food, so I no longer have to eat rice everyday (eventhough I’d be ok with that). I’ve relearned English (still learning it). I’ve gotten/kept an American job for over 6 months. I’ve moved homes and have lived in my own American apartment (by myself but thank heavens with Burin, my pup). I’ve tried to find a new church. I’ve met Thai people and tried to consistently form relationships with them and show them the love of Christ. I’ve wept for Thailand. I’ve longed to return overseas. I’ve learned that God has a place and timing for me here. I’ve learned the importance of good/close friendships. I’ve prayed a lot.

And all this not by “my” doing but only by God’s grace, patience and help. And all this, not completed yet. It’s a “process.”

Now is the phase of waiting, praying, trusting. I’m not sure what the Lord has planned for me in the future. Not sure what His purposes are for me this minute. Not sure if I’ll be overseas ever again or maybe in Birmingham the rest of my life. But the beauty in that (eventhough it’s also a bit difficult) is that in the end, God will be magnificently glorified. In the end, when I look back and see all the intricate details of His plan, all the protection, all the creativity…it will be so clear that it was God and not me that was in control.

Thankful today for all that the Lord has provided for me and His encompassing protection.

Ready for the next year…and I’m confident God’s got amazing things ahead.

~You cannot lose My love…