It’s a garbled mess at times, no? I’m not the only one, although it feels like it at times. Schedules are packed, sometimes with important/vital items, sometimes just with laziness (I regret to say that’s true in my life…too many evenings spent lounging on the couch watching a movie with someone I love). Regardless, it’s no excuse.

Current prayer request? Motivation/gumption to get on top of things…to get a little more organized. Get things on my to-do list settled. Be a better friend/stay in touch more. Clean the apartment (YES). Clear my head. Be more consistent in Bible study (ashamed to say that at times of feeling overwhelmed, I leave out the most important thing…the Word). Cook more at home (I love it, why do I let “time” stress me into thinking it’s easier to eat out?) Exercise (it’s so needed to keep us healthy and happy). Maybe even blog more (there’s something creative/freeing/awesome about putting words to paper – or in this case – computer screen). So, here goes. I’m going to try to move this good direction little by little every day. Join me? I’m sure there’s things on your list of to-do’s or wants or aspiring for. Let’s do it together. (Side note: share some blogs that have inspired you lately or that you’ve come across with valuable information? Here’s one I saw a few months ago…and funny enough, the current post is on being busy! )

What are things you’re working toward now? How do you find the time/motivation to do them?

Things I like about “him”…

For the hopeless romantics out there and those that I don’t see often enough, here’s a little “inventory” of why I’m blessed by a certain boy named Blake M. Roberts. He’s not perfect, imagine that!! And we certainly have much much much to learn about each other. This isn’t a list saying all is perfect and he or I have no flaws. At times we bicker, we disagree, we get confused, we question. But, God is using him in some cool ways in his own life and in mine. It’s the little things…

  • Silly personality (fun-loving, easy-going, loves to tell jokes but almost always tells them wrong the first time and has to say “Wait, it’s actually like this…” makes me laugh)
  • Cute as I don’t know what…but I feel lucky every time I look at him
  • Clear faith (sometimes grabs my attention by the simplest comment, that I, after a B.A. in Christian Studies (as if that really means anything or as if it means I know what I’m talking about when it comes to following Christ), am still surprised by…like when I felt like an awful person, had let my temper get the best of me and treated someone awful and it was time to sit down to dinner, he asked if I wanted to pray, I hesitantly looked at him and just said, “If God will listen to me”…he reminded me “Of course He will, that’s the beauty of it!” and then he prayed for me)
  • Caring (always willing to help someone out, even it it means taking up his time or energy or resources)
  • Growing (I see him maturing, becoming stronger as a man, and learning more about God often…nothing is more comforting, exciting or attractive to see in someone you care about)
  • Movie buff (what would I do without someone to watch a good flick with?)
  • Active (he keeps me moving and I really enjoy it after being in an office all day…he helped me (really really helped me) run my first 5K here in Birmingham a few months ago)
  • Knows how/and does not let anger well up inside of him (he has often reminded me to “let things go” and not let them get the best of me…which I need reminding of, since I’m a roller-coaster-up-and-down kind of girl)
  • Stable and consistent (there for me when I have needed him for an important task…listens each week at our church as I (good or bad) lead the small congregation in worship)
  • Surprises me (flowers, a candy bar, ice cream, a sign on his kitchen counter that says “Neisha!!!!” or a visit at my office)
  • Clingy (meant in the best way possible, we just love to be around each other, and it’s nice to know that)
  • Supportive (thinks I do good work and am amazing…boy is he so wrong…)
  • Compassionate (gives of himself and wants to give more to those in need…man at a gas station was asking for money and his car was broken down, he didn’t have any cash to give this man so went to the ATM, pulled out $20 and handed it over. the man in need said, “Seriously!?”)
  • Servant heart (when we eat dinner together at home, he does the clean up…without me saying a word…eat your heart out every girl on the planet)
  • Tells me I’m beautiful, daily
  • Tells me he loves me, daily…and even when I’m being ugly or we are not agreeing on something

Prayers are going up constantly about this boy and if you feel so led, pray for us too! It takes a village to make a good relationship. And most importantly, a strong foundation in Christ.

What do you cherish about your special someone?