Season’s change…

“This world may push, may pull but Your love it never fails.”

This season is changing. Time change, already in effect. Before I left work today the sun had set and the chilly night air emerged. Busy season is coming at work (even MORE busy)…with conventions, shortened week deadlines and lots to do in the midst of holidays.

There’s this and that to attend, this to buy and give away, this to fix, that to move. The floor needs cleaning and my desk needs dusting. Pay that bill, mend this relationship, grow here, lesson learned there.

Lots of change…and it’s constant. It’s consistent (if nothing else, it’s consistent).

“This world may push, may pull…” That’s the truth. Not just the unknown world. Not just our enemies. Even our friends, our loved ones, those we trust. Those we think we know. They may push and pull…but…

“Your love…it never fails.”

Tonight, before another possibly big change in leadership of our country, let’s just try to remember one thing…in the midst of change…in the midst of decision making…season’s change…time change…leadership change (or lack of change)…

“Your love, it never fails.”

I’m holding to that truth tonight. And I hope that it sticks with me through a season of change, pushing and pulling. I hope it sticks with you too.

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