ThankFULL …

Whoa. Never had this feeling before…more money in my account than I think it’s ever had and the ability to totally pay off a credit card (it wasn’t a huge balance, but still). Thank God for tax returns! Seriously.

So, that was one of my goals for this year…check. Credit card paid off.

In other news…God sure has been pricking my heart and “calling” me to something new. I’m not sure what it is. There are so many things I’m “in love” with and passionate about. I know He’s saying “go,” “do,” “be,” “love.” But beyond those words…I haven’t a clue as to the direction. So…after talking with loved ones, praying and seeking His voice…I’m “going after it.” Right now that means = seeking out piano lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn and now seems like a good time to hone my skills and prep myself for leading worship. That’s another part of what this means = more “leading” at church. I sing every Sunday but I don’t usually lead. God’s given me some more confidence and some good experiences and I really feel poised at a position to do so. I pray that He will help me “get there” if that’s what He wants.

Going after it also means = working/serving more with Lantern Vision. It’s a smaller ministry that seeks to promote other ministries through media (mostly video). It’s an awesome thing, if you haven’t heard of them, check it out at I’m not sure where this will lead, but I do know photography/media are things I’m passionate about.

The other things that I feel I need to “go after” are travel (either for FUN or for MISSIONS – which are kind of one in the same in my mind) and babies (I LOVE children and find so much joy in loving on them, caring for them and especially giving love to those who do not have mommies or daddies and who need it the most).

Ah. I am a bundled mess. But God is molding me. I hope I listen to His voice and break to His gentle hand that is forming me. It’s a lifelong lesson, I think. Frightening to think about…but yes, He is changing you too. If you let Him. Oh, I pray I let Him. I don’t know WHERE or HOW He’s leading…but just want to follow.

I saw a quote on someone’s Twitter feed…”Life is too short to not live out your passions.” I think this is applicable to my life. And to His giftings/callings/desires for our lives.

Are you following His voice today?