Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Memories…funny the things that a movie brings to mind. The script in this one movie that I really love…it’s captivating, so clever, and really touching. It’s funny and just makes me smile on the inside. I love the magic of words…the things we can express and share…or not share. Wow! It’s amazing…I guess English is on my mind a lot as I learn Thai, trying to figure out how to say what I want when English just does not translate into Thai sometimes. At any rate…back to the movie…the female character says, “So many times I experience things that remind me of a book, when really, shouldn’t it be the other way around?” She’s adorable and lovely. The movie…to relate to the quote, reminds me of home, of summer, of family, of roomies, of Barnes and Noble, lots of fun things…and even email and the words that we used to hear, “You’ve Got Mail…” 

I got just that the other day, mail. Two packages actually, one was a book from a friend who found said book while serving in the Philippines. So far, Bruchko is a very good book, easy to read, but hard to put down. Another Philippines link, my friend who just finished serving her year there, sent me a “Things I Miss From America” box…it had fruit snacks, Real Simple magazine, Yankee Candles, Chai Tea mix, and some other fun things. There’s something special about getting even small things from friends in America, something about receiving something familiar. It’s like the memories of a good movie, it brings a smile. 

Speaking of smiles…the randomness of the following should bring you a small grin. 🙂 Just some things I wanted to share…

Songkran, the water New-Year here in Thailand was almost two months ago, but I forgot to share a video from the “city-wide-water-fight.” 

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A trip home with my co-worker…so I wouldn’t get drenched with my laptop in hand. 🙂 

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Here’s what happens when you put dry-ice from your package of store bought ice cream into your sink…I never knew it would do such things…


And finally, this is what my Sunday morning looked like…sleeping in at my co-worker and his family’s house, a walk around the neighborhood with the dog Lily, and Monopoly Junior, a game which I lost quickly…such a good Sunday morning, I felt like I was at home…

And one more thing to mention, there has been some severe attacks here on our workers and other believers…all dealing with health issues. One man has passed away, a worker’s mother passed away in the States suddenly, and a volunteer has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, all within 2 days. Please keep the family’s in your heart and minds. 

Oh and one more thing, I almost forgot to share, I spent a long time in Khun Nira’s shop today. It was fun, we just sat, talked, laughed, looked at pictures of her dog on her computer (a dalmation with brown spots), and just enjoyed each other’s company. Again, please keep our friendship in mind, whenever you think of it. She’s cute and fun…I’m glad to know her…and just hope I can be a support and good friend…and share Truth. 

Blessings to you all!

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  1. It’s alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoah! That dry ice looks cool!!!!! Though I’m sure it freaked you out at least a little! Hopefully you think it’s cool now. 🙂

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