It’s a garbled mess at times, no? I’m not the only one, although it feels like it at times. Schedules are packed, sometimes with important/vital items, sometimes just with laziness (I regret to say that’s true in my life…too many evenings spent lounging on the couch watching a movie with someone I love). Regardless, it’s no excuse.

Current prayer request? Motivation/gumption to get on top of things…to get a little more organized. Get things on my to-do list settled. Be a better friend/stay in touch more. Clean the apartment (YES). Clear my head. Be more consistent in Bible study (ashamed to say that at times of feeling overwhelmed, I leave out the most important thing…the Word). Cook more at home (I love it, why do I let “time” stress me into thinking it’s easier to eat out?) Exercise (it’s so needed to keep us healthy and happy). Maybe even blog more (there’s something creative/freeing/awesome about putting words to paper – or in this case – computer screen). So, here goes. I’m going to try to move this good direction little by little every day. Join me? I’m sure there’s things on your list of to-do’s or wants or aspiring for. Let’s do it together. (Side note: share some blogs that have inspired you lately or that you’ve come across with valuable information? Here’s one I saw a few months ago…and funny enough, the current post is on being busy! )

What are things you’re working toward now? How do you find the time/motivation to do them?

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