How am I doing?…

Little update on the 2013 goals. Since some of my friends were so kind to remind me about blogging, I also took another gander at my list of goals for this year. Here’s how it’s going:

– Blogging (at least once a month): Well…I missed February so with this entry I’ve blogged twice in March. Does that count?

– Scripture memory: So far, I’ve memorized 2 verses – Micah 7:18-19 and Psalm 84:10. I’m working on Exodus 14:14 right now. That’s almost 3 out of 10 verses for the year. Not bad!

– Ukelele songs: The goal was to learn 3 songs “by heart.” I’ve been learning one and I think it’s “close-ish” to the goal. Not bad. I did smash my finger in the car door a few weeks ago and will probably lose a nail. That has slowed my practicing time down a bit. Ok, a lot. I haven’t picked up the uke in 3 weeks. Oy. But, I’ll keep at it.

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “How am I doing?…

  1. I hear you about the blogging…. months can slip by where you don’t think about it… if only i could blog from my phone…

    Also you play the Uke!! That’s great I have a couple guitars but trying to learn… been “trying” for 10 years.. haha

    And that’s great on the scripture memory… I would love to learn Psalm 119 but that sucker is hefty!

    Jai Ho!

  2. Thanks Jon, for the comment. I do “play” the Uke…but not well. I got it since playing guitar is harder for me after several surgeries on my cording hand. Uke is “easier” on the hands. 🙂 Psalm 119 is awesome…maybe if you do just a chunk at a time you could do it. I put verses on sticky notes and then stick them in my car (go over them every time I get in to drive) until I have them memorized.

    Jai Ho, brother!

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