Ahhhhh … 3 months already? …

Well, ahem. I failed. Obviously. I don’t know how three months vanished in the blink of an eye. But they did. Poof!

So here I am. July 2. JULY. Oh well. At least I’m here. I don’t know what happened in May. It’s just gone. June…that was WEDDING “month” for my sweet friend, Melynda. Glorious time!! I was a bridesmaid, so much fun, and was really blessed by the other bridesmaids. We just had a jolly time, no stress, lots of laughter and happiness. Melynda was the picture of calm and joy (also her middle name, Melynda Joy). If I am ever blessed to get married, I hope I carry myself as she did.

Their rehearsal dinner, where they invited about 60 people (much more than the typical immediate family and wedding party), included person after person who stood up and spoke so highly (sometimes with humor) about the couple. It was inspiring, and eye-opening. Not only was I proud to call Melynda my friend, but I was reminded what our lives mean to our family and our friends, and ultimately, all those we come in contact with. A life lived for the Lord, in love, in compassion, in hard-work, in commitment, in humility. It’s all a part of who we are…and so important in our legacy. Melynda and Dennis have already left a legacy in places they’ve lived and communities they’ve been a part of. It’s so cool to know a couple like that. And urges me to strive for “the best” and be all that God has made us to be. I hope I can be like Melynda one day.

July now holds a vacation…oh glory! Looking forward to a little break in Fairhope, near the beach. July also holds the year anniversary of Burin’s death. I miss that little fur-ball. He was such a joy.

Still looking forward to what God has in store. I have narrowed, I guess “narrowed”????, my field of interest to children. I do so love little kiddos. I don’t know what that means in terms of career, job, etc. I do know I may go back to school…not really looking forward to that part, but looking forward to the end product. Social work, family studies, education — those are all degrees I’m pondering at this point. Any comments from teachers, social workers, etc.? Any advice? I’m listening…

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