Just another manic Friday…

Whew, it never fails, my friends. Deadline day. Friday. Dread day. Brains spilling out on the floor day. Electricity going out day. Man outside our window weed-wacking day. Headache day. Call it whatever you like, but for us at the paper, it’s Friday. Most people look forward to this day. It’s the end of the week. Most deadlines are done and everyone is “ready” for the weekend. Plans are being made. Itineraries are being set. Songs are being sung, yes that includes, “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.” (Mwahaha, that is now going to be stuck in your head). But here, in my office, we say…”Oh right. Of course (this or that terrible thing) happened. It’s….” You guessed it…Friday.

All I’m going to say is…Thank GOD for Saturdays. That’s my favorite day.

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