Fail! Ok, I did. I failed…failed at most of my goals for 2013. Some of them I did part way, and some really close to finishing up. Maybe I gave myself too many? What’s your secret/tips on making a goal, keeping it and fulfilling it? I’d like to try this again (goal setting, I mean) for 2014…gonna take some time to figure out how/what/when to do…

As far as 2013 goes…here’s how I did…

1) Run another 5K…cough cough…yeah, I didn’t get even close to this one…maybe that can be a 2014 goal. Oh and eating healthier. I know, that’s what everyone says. Well, I mean it!!
2) Learn 3 songs on the ukelele…I have 2 that I can play pretty well!
3) Read a book…I did what I always do, start and don’t finish several books. Gotta fix that bad habit.
4) Share Christ with someone new…should be a constant goal. Didn’t share the gospel with anyone “new” but did share my life and faith with friends that are not believers. Lord, give me the strength, love and courage this coming year to make You magnified…
5) Make homemade rolls or bread…nope. Missed it. I did make several new recipes, though, including homemade pie (with the crust, too). Gotta make me some BREAD!
6) Have a small-ish dinner party…check!
7) Personal goal…already accomplished.
8) Write a poem…hmmm, I totally forgot about this goal, to be honest. This would be a good thing for me to get in the groove for 2014.
9) Pay off credit card completely…did it!! I did loan some money to some people in need, so now there is money on my credit card, but they are paying me back. So, I still technically don’t have anything on my card.
10) Love more like Christ…I hope I’ve done this!
11) Blog once a month…hmmm…didn’t make it, but I did make it almost monthly through August. What happened to you October and November?!
12) Memorize 10 Bible verses…I made it to 4. At least that’s a start! Definitely want to keep this up in 2014. I wrote down the verses and placed them in my car, then every time I’d get in my car, I’d read them over and over and then try to recite them while I drove. Seemed to work pretty well for memorizing things!

Here comes 2014! I can’t wait! I have a feeling it may be the best year in a long time, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. God, please give me supernatural love, courage, peace and a humble heart throughout the year.

Happy New Year to all!

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